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This page is mostly for my own use, but as I don't visit here all that often any more, please feel free to butt in on any of the pages mentioned below. If you do, leaving a message on my discussion page would be appreciated, but of course is not necessary.

I'm largely responsible for the initial Racial Navboxes, but other people (notably Knighster35) have also done plenty of work on them.

I started work on a series of Guides to keep on the wiki, but never got around to finishing them - while I may pick them up again in the future, Template:Trading was my primary goal to finish. Guides could do with being populated, but without a few more, it seems rather pointless.

My general suggestion, is to contribute where you can, and if the Admins ever start giving out privileges to upload screenshots, get them to shoot me an E-mail, because I would love to upload some pictures of the various ship types.

Have fun editing.


To do List:[edit]

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Racial Navboxes[edit]

Needs Rolling-Out[edit]

This is the category that basically needs the racial navbox adding to all of the racial pages, despite being made. If you want to help me out, please just add the correct navbox to the bottom of each page listed in the navbox. There will probably be multiple of these in this category over the next few months, so any help people want to give would be much appreciated.

Needs Testing:[edit]

I'm trialling a different look here. Could do with input.

Mostly Done:[edit]

Not Done:[edit]