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Welcome to the X3 Wiki. This Wiki primarily refers to X3: Terran Conflict and X3: Albion Prelude, although much of the information here is also relevant for X3: Reunion.

As with all wikis, please feel free to help out wherever you feel you can. This wiki is always a work in progress, and any help is always welcome.

General pages[edit]

  • Races - A list and description of all Races.
  • Ships - Overview of the different ship pages.
  • Stations - List of all Stations.
  • Asteroids - List of all Asteroids.
  • Wares - List of all Wares.
  • Weapons - List of all Weapons.
  • Missiles - List of all Missiles.
  • Sectors - List of all Sectors.
  • Software - List of all Software.

Popular pages[edit]

Sites of Interest[edit]

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