Kha'ak Guardian

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Kha'ak Guardian
ClassM1 Carrier
Speed (Min-Max)0 - 0 m/s
Acceleration (Min-Max)0 - 0 m/s2
Steering (Min-Max)1.8 - 5.5 RPM
Hull Strength200,000
Max. Shield (Total)2 x 1 GJ (2,000 MJ)
Shield Reactor10,500 MW
Cargo Class (Min-Max)6,000 - 6,000 @ XL
Laser Capacitor100,000 MJ
Laser Recharge2,499 MW
                                                                                                         Main x 1
                                                                                                         Left x 1
                                                                                                         Back x 1
                                                                                                         Right x 1


The Kha'ak analogue to the Commonwealth weapons platform, the guardian is of low threat alone, armed with a few Gamma Kyon emitters and 2 gigajoules of shielding. In large numbers, they can become irritating or even deadly, due to their unavoidable beams. They are only found in one Kha'ak Sector, during Operation Final Fury.


Encyclopdia Entry[edit]

Approximate the size of a heavy fighter, the Guardian's main purpose appears to be the protection of a Kha'ak Hive. It is believed to be equipped with powerful Kyon weaponry and a datalink to the Hive, allowing its defence to be efficiently coordinated.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

The Guardian is spherical, with a purple shell divided into hexagons. Purple light glows around the hexagon perimeters. In several places, the shell is broken to reveal the Guardian's Kyon batteries. The holes reveal a light purple ball of energy fueling the ship.


The Guardian is a defense installation, and carries missiles and lasers. Its Gamma Kyon Emitters are lethal and accurate against smaller craft, but cannot adequately defend against larger craft before the Guardian itself is destroyed.




The Guardian is not available to the player, much like the Orbital Weapons Platforms of the Commonwealth.

Suggested Roles[edit]

If mods are used to acquire this ship, it makes a visually stunning static defense for the player's stations.

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