Family Rhonkar

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Sector Information
Race Split
Security Level Core
Population 77,693,666
Planets 3
Sun Strength 150%
Sector Size 120 km
North0 m0 m60,480 mRhonkar's Fire
South0 m0 m-60,480 mThuruk's Beard
Universe Map


This system is the property of the Rhonkar Family, one of the dominant Split clans. Although this system was not always their property, it was seized during the last civil war with the Patriarch of All Split. Success here is ensured by slave labour, illegal mining methods and ruthless workforce control, but this is not a matter that concerns the average Split. This system contains the capital world of the Split Dynasty, Nif'Nakh (Festering Wound in Split), from which Patriarch Rhonkar t'Ncct rules over all the other Families. Nif'Nakh's moon, Woltrar, is owned by the lesser Family Thi.

According to Split Law, Nif'Nakh belongs exclusively to the Patriarch of All Split, and for a long time, the only allowed settlement on the planet was the Patriarch's Palace in the southern hemisphere. Eventually and as part of his plans to depose Chin 'Thhg, Rhonkar t'Ncct built a tiny village called Ghus-Tan, named after Ghus t'Gllt, the man who inspired t'Ncct to become the great Patriarch he's known as. Ghus-Tan is now a beautiful city.

Default Stations[edit]


Asteroid Coordinates (m)
Ore 12 -31973 -3482 9364
Ore 5 -18834 4989 -488
Ore 3 -26691 -4777 23370

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