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The Boron Campaign was the first large-scale war that involved all members of the Commonwealth. It was fought between the Paranid/Split alliance against the Boron/Argon alliance a few decades after the end of the Xenon Conflict. The war was split in two phases, the first of which lasted from 255 NT to 299 NT, and only involved the Argon-Boron alliance and the Split. The second lasted from 324 NT to 350 NT, and involved the Paranid as well, who allied with the Split. The war as a whole lasted nearly a century.

First Phase[edit]

The Boron Kingdom had grown continually since discovering the secrets of space travel and the gate network, and as of the year 255 NT/2425 EY had expanded through a huge tract of space to the east of their homeworld of Nishala, in the sector known as Kingdom's End. The Boron were about to colonize a new world until they realized it was inhabited. Unfortunately for the Boron, that world was Split Prime, the second home of the warlike race known as the Split. The Split had occupied this region of space since discovering space travel themselves 150 years earlier, and were so enraged by the accidental invaders that they declared war upon them, and due to their warlike nature soon found glee in attacking the new far-flung Boron colonies. The Split made great advances in their tekhnology during the war, and quickly became more than a match to the Boron.

The Argon Federation made first contact with the Boron in 292 NT when a Boron ship entered the sector of Three Worlds. After informing the Argon about their conflict with the Split, the Argon halped them by building a wall of SQUASH Mines on the East Gate of the sector that's now known as Menelaus' Frontier.

Seven years later, in 299 NT, the Split severely damaged the mine wall, A special unit of Argons escorted a Boron Dolphin, loaded with 2,000 new mines, to the wall to repair it again. In order to unload the new mines, however, the old ones had to be deactivated so as not to endanger the Dolphin and his escort. A risky venture ...

Shortly before the mines were completely unloaded and the Wall was reactivated, a fleet of the Split entered the sector and destroyed most of the still-unarmed mines. A fight between the escort's Argon Elites and a Split carrier had begun when the Argons were able to re-activate some mines and severely damage the ship. The "Firefish", a Boron destroyer that was brought as zupport, was destroyed by the Split carrier, as it was armed with the powerful, and at-the-time unknown to the Argon and Boron High Energy Plasma Thrower. However, the carrier was caught by the shockwave of the Firefish's explosion and was destroyed. An Argon Titan came from the South Gate for zupport. Unfortunately, they were too late, as the surviving Split destroyer fled to the sector of Queen's Space, where it destroyed everything in no time. Only in the sector now known as Rolk's Drift the Split advance was stopped, as they encountered the original Argon One, and the Titan. A fight occured, where the Argon One came victorious and forced the Split to retreat.

Through a skilful move by the Split, the Argon fleet was lured into the Split sector of Family Whi. There, the Split Destroyer ambushed and immediately opened fire on the Argon One, which was quickly destroyed. However, an Argon fighter squadron succeeded in destroying the Split Destroyer. The Argon Titan also destroyed the Trading Port of the sector, but was damaged by a piece of debris and retreated back into Boron Space.

Since that fight, neither side dared to act against the other, however, as there never was a peace agreement, the war didn't end, it just cooled.

Second Phase[edit]

The Split eventually made contact with the Paranid, and after a short skirmish, they became allies. Emboldened by their new alliance, the Split resumed the fight with the Boron.

There was little that the Boron could do to stop the increasing and frenzied Split onslaught as it overcame the Boron fleet. However, in the intervening years Split ships had also had skirmishes with Argon deep space mining and exploration vessels and forged an alliance with the Paranid. This move seemed to make them stronger, but instead gained them a powerful new adversary in the Argon Federation which, following their victory in the Xenon Conflict, had been undergoing a cold war with the Paranid Empire.

The Argon Federation desperately needed a new ally, and found it in the Boron in 323 NT/2493 EY. One year later, a combined Split/Paranid fleet attacked another Argon deep-space mining fleet. The Argon Federation responded by formally declaring war on the Split and Paranid, officially beginning the second part of the Boron Campaign.

The Split had continued to push back the Boron until the year 326 NT/2496 EY, when a combined Argon/Boron fleet defeated the Split/Paranid assault fleet attacking the Boron homeworld of Nishala, in the sector of Kingdom's End. The Argon and Boron fleets continued to push back the Split and Paranid fleets until the latter were both forced to concede defeat in the year 350 NT/2520 EY. The defeat of the Split caused the downfall of Family Thuruk, whose Patriarch was killed, and was absorbed by Family Chin, who ruled the Dynasty for over 400 years. The defeat was not taken amicably, and the Split and Paranid fought a short war between themselves which ended two years later, in 352 NT/2522 EY.

The Boron Kingdom never regained all of its former territories, some of which ultimately ended up under Teladi control, and by the beginning of the Second Xenon Conflict they were still the smallest and weakest of the factions in the X-Universe. However, they did forge a powerful and long-lasting friendship with the Argon Federation and formed the Foundation Guild, which would continue to dominate X-Universe politics for centuries to come.

It was in this war where the Argon Elite, and the Split Skull Crusher and Gangrene Chaser, aka Scorpion and Raptor were first developed and deployed. It was also the first war in which the High Energy Plasma Thrower was used.