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This is the page for the -X3: Albion Prelude- main plot line. It is available for all starts except the Terran Commander Start.

The Terran Commander instead gets to play through Operation: Loose Ends


[edit] Starting the quest-line

Goto Argon Sector M148

[edit] List of Quests

These contain spoilers, so do not click them if you want to play them through.

  1. Aiding the war efforts
  2. Jonferco Eavesdrop
  3. Highway Patrol
  4. Jonferco Under Attack!
  5. Protecting the Heavy load transporter
  6. Albion Defenceless
  7. The Beryll
  8. Plutarch Rising
  9. Trial by Fire
  10. Uncovered
  11. Albion Pride

[edit] Completion Rewards

Here is a small list of rewards from the Albion Prelude plot:

Spoiler! Highlight text to view.

1 x Argon Advanced Discoverer (M5)
1 x Argon Centaur (M6),
3 x #deca.cefa (M3),
1 x Argon Aamon Prototype (M3+),
Steam achievement: Albion Pride,
Millions of credits

[edit] Reference

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List of Missions