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Species Type
Homeworld Family Pride (Originally "Split")
Systems 32
Government Patriarchy
10    Honoured Strong Arm of Rhonkar
9Honoured Imperator of Rhonkar
8Inner Circle of Rhonkar
7Privileged Associate of Rhonkar
6Family Protector
5Distinguished Associate
4Family Friend
1Known Venturer
-1Shameless Creature
-2Family Outcast
-3Family Enemy
-4Enemy of Rhonkar
-5Enemy of all Split Families

The Split are a warlike race comprised of various families. They are the enemy of the Boron and are allied with the Paranid, although their relationship is shaky at best.


They are humanoid creatures with more physical strength than an average human. They are a warrior race ruled over by a dominant family. In X3: Reunion, the dominant family was Rhonkar. Their territory includes their home sector Family Pride and other sectors.

Government and politics[edit]

Foreign relations and military[edit]

The Split are enemies with the Boron due to their conflicting ideologies with each other. Relations with the Argon race are strained because of the latter's alliance with the Boron. They are allied with the Paranid, although their relationship is shaky at best. They are members of the Profit Guild and are neutral with the Teladi.


About 450 years before the events of X: Beyond the Frontier, the Split Dynasty had destroyed most of the Boron colonies, forcing them back to Kingdom End. The Argon Federation helped the Boron repel an attack on their home world and officially entered the war themselves. The Paranid Empire sent ships to supplement Split warships in an attack on Argon Prime. This war is now known as the Boron Campaign.
The Split continue to harbor animosity and outright hostility towards the Boron. In preparation for resumed hostilities, the Split are currently engaged in a military build up in the new Colony Areas consisting of: Contorted Dominion, Thyn's Excavation, and Patriarch's Conclusion. The Boron are also building up their military presence in their new colonies of: Faded Dreams, Queen's Harbour, Menelaus' Oasis, and Queen's Retribution.

The Split are the only race to have had contact with the Xenon, something which has caused distrust with many, especially the Argon.

The Split Dynasty, Teladi Company and Paranid Empire form the Profit Guild.


The Split are more of a clan-centered conglomerate than anything; political power and influence is often determined by the strength of a Split's family, and their sectors are often named after the families that dominate them. They clearly have a preference for battle, and seem to have little ethical concern over their actions, as evidenced by their ongoing attempts to eradicate the Boron, their legalization of the harvesting of endangered space flies, and their stated extensive use of slave labor in their mines.

Geography and Climate[edit]

Science and Technology[edit]

Their ships are noticeably focused more on weapons than shields. Their ships supposedly use the Markus Space Fly for power although this is against the law in all other governments of the Community of Planets. The Split use Boron made Ion Disruptors to stun the Space Flies before capture.


Split ships are fast, powerful and well armed, but famously lacking in shielding. Oddly, they tend to also lack the ability to sustain fire for long periods of time. For these reasons, Split ships are ideal for using a series of fast attacks and retreats, or intercepting slower, weaker ships.

Albion Prelude Ships



Split Shipyards are known as Split Shipyards and are known to exist in the following sectors:


Core Worlds[edit]

  1. Family Njy
  2. Family Pride
  3. Family Rhonkar
  4. Family Rhy
  5. Family Tkr
  6. Family Zein
  7. Njy's Deception
  8. Patriarch's Conclusion
  9. Rhonkar's Might
  10. Rhy's Crusade
  11. Thuruk's Pride

Border Worlds[edit]

  1. Cho's Defeat
  2. Contorted Dominion
  3. Family Ryk
  4. Family Whi
  5. Family Zyarth
  6. Ghinn's Escape
  7. Patriarch's Keep
  8. Patriarch's Retreat
  9. Rhonkar's Clouds
  10. Rhonkar's Fire
  11. Rhonkar's Trial
  12. Rhy's Desire
  13. Tharka's Sun
  14. The Shallows
  15. Thuruk's Beard
  16. Thyn's Abyss
  17. Thyn's Excavation
  18. Tkr's Deprivation
  19. Wretched Skies
  20. Zyarth's Dominion
  21. Zyarth's Stand (AP only)



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